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Summer Volunteer Program

The GateWay Scholars Institute of Education is committed to opening the door of the world for international students and providing them the opportunities to do community services and to tour around the city of Boston at the same time. Volunteer programs allow students to learn practical work experience in this dynamic, globalized community and to add those skills to the future professions. Our program provides students with overseas working/volunteering experience explicitly, allowing students to experience the great foreign culture and environment. Students can learn the communicational skills for future networking, which will differentiate them in the future workplace.

At the same time, this volunteer program will also provide students the opportunity to experience the academic environment at several world's top universities, like Harvard and MIT. We will carefully review each application for this program. The eligible applicant must be 14 years old or above. Students who have previous internship and volunteer experience will be considered preferable.

Program Highlights


In addition to evaluating students’ academic performance, students’ volunteer and work experience also have a significant weight on colleges admission decisions. Schools want to admit students who have compassion and have strong leadership skills, as well the ability to communicate and collaborate with others. Students will volunteer at non-profit organizations in Boston areas. Cooperation, communication, and a heart for the community are three highlights of this program. 

Partnership: the Red Cross Boston Chapter, WGBH, North Hill, and Cradles to Crayons.

College Tour

As part of the volunteer program, students will have the opportunities to visit Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University and other well-known institutions in the Boston area. Students will visit those campuses accompanied by school alumni, learn about the culture of those prestigious schools, and experience different campus life at each university. Students will have the opportunity to network with current students at various campuses, building the foundation for future college application process.


One of our philosophies is “We give the best to our students.” We invite professors from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, and other prestigious institutions in Boston for networking panels. One of our panelists is Professor Harvey Lodish, a distinguished molecular and cell biologist and leading biomedical researcher at MIT. Panelists will help students explore their interests and give advice for future college admission and career plan. Students will have an international network with professors and top researchers in the U.S.

We also invite admission directors from Brandeis University to walk through the process of college admission, mocking interviews, and resume making.

Summer Volunteer Program

Summer Volunteer Program

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