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GateWay Scholars Across The World

Yiwen (Lesley) Lu

Cheshire Academy From Nanjing

Kevin Yuan

Thayer Academy From Hong Kong

Jacky Chen

Thayer Academy From Hong Kong

Yuanyuan Chen

Thayer Academy From Zhuhai

Amy Yang

Cheshire Academy From Beijing

Frank Yang

Cheshire Academy From Taiyuan

Brian Xiao

Gould Academy From Zhuhai

Angela Tian

Tilton Academy From Shenzhen

Serine Song

Governor's Academy From Shanghai

Selina Zhao

Rectory School From Taiyuan

Stanley Yang

Rectory School From Shanghai

Fred Poon

The Macduffie School From Hong Kong

Zejun Wang

Cheshire Academy From Shanghai

Lu Chen

Newman School From Beijing

Bill Peng

Fryeburg Academy From Taiyuan


New York University From Taiyuan

James Hu

Macduffie School From Taiyuan

Louis Lu

The Macduffie School From Canada

Molly Liu

American University From Gansu

Wenze Zeng

Macduffie School From Guangzhou

Owen Tu

Thornton Academy From Beijing

Patrick Xu

Thornton Academy From Taiyuan

Jack Lu

Marianapolis Prep School From Zhuhai

Leo Wei

Marianapolis Prep School From Shenzhen

Zhuxing Liu

Lawrence Woodmere Academy From Beijing

Angel Xie

Emory University From Chengdu

Ethan Meng

Colorado College From Chengdu

Ryan Li

Northeastern University From Taiyuan

Yoyo Zhao

University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) From Beijing

Elly Ding

College of Williams & Mary From UCONN

Qi Zhao

Boston University From Taiyuan

Alex Xue

Brandeis University From Qingdao

Changyue Hong

Brandeis University From Zhengzhou

Julie Yiu

Brandeis University

Candice Qu

Brandeis University From Beijing

Muyang Du

Brandeis University From Nanjing

Ben Wu

San Francisco Art School From Guangzhou

Zilu Niu

Auburn University

Meijie Lei

San Francisco State University From Guangzhou

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