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Summer "Micro" Program

Summer “Micro” Program is designed to provide students a 14-day-long overseas studying experience. It is designed to encourage students of having a global vision and become a global citizen. Therefore, what our students will learn is not just language, knowledge, and basic life skills, they are expected to grow and become self-driven and independent. For the past 14-day journey, our entire team has witnessed so many heart-warming moments bearing in bold laughter and joyful tears. Even though some memories could fade away after a course of time, the memories we created together during the “Micro” summer camp will be the special ones among the others.


Every time before we officially launch our “Micro” summer camp, we promise that every student will reap the most useful lessons for their lives. Every time after we officially dismiss the camp, we all discover that all our staff members and students will have obtained more than that.

Program Highlights



individual's hands-on task

comprehensive group project

problem-solving and critical thinking



Arts & Crafts

Music Performance

Speech Performance




RAs + School Residence

All meals are provided by the school



Daily updates with parents

Excellent lab and living facilities

Graduate with certificates

Spend Your Summer With US

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