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Summer "Micro"

Our Summer “Micro” program has the theme of “STEAM,” STEM + Arts. We provide the opportunities for families from countries outside the U.S. to experience the American life and campus culture, focusing on the enhancement of participants’ hands-on ability, language expression, and speech/communication skills. The exchange of cultures also expands local students’ horizons about foreign cultures.

Harvard/MIT Elite Program

Our Harvard/MIT Elite program is a “full-immersion” summer camp. The camp follows the theme of “STEMS,” STEM + Sports. We provide the opportunities for students around the world to experience the education from two of the most prestigious institutions in the world. We want all the students to develop a global perspective of academics and leadership.

Summer Volunteer

The Summer Volunteer program is committed to opening the door for those participated international students. By providing students the overseas volunteer services in the U.S., students can empirically experience the American culture and learn the cream of “serving” and “giving back.” The program will not only challenge students’ communication skills, but it will also challenge each participant to become an independent individual who has great compassion

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