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Excellence In Education Since 2014

Our Philosophy

We are committed to helping every student who is passionate about academic excellence, and we are passionate about sending each student to his IDEAL SCHOOLS. Therefore, for each our student, we are pledged to tailor a rigorous, strategic plan to prepare each student for his school application process. As the number of applicants for Ivy schools and other prestigious institutions has been increasing year by year, the competition among the applicants' pool has become increasingly fierce. Nonetheless, it is crucial for the student to be the OUTSTANDING one from the peers.


We have a group of professional counselors dedicating to college counseling for many years. Through our experience, we always recommend students to have long-term plans for college application process, and we can provide this long-term integrated planning service, including evaluating student's academic background and potential, improving student's academic performance, and designing extra-curriculums that suit the student's personality. We also want our students to develop and strengthen their creativity, logic reasoning, and leadership skills throughout the various community services and volunteer activities.


Our counseling service focuses on student's personal development, not only academics. We DO NOT want our students being called "studying machines" only. Many "Gateway scholars" received offers from Ivy schools like Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard, and most of the students who have worked with us are now studying at their "dream schools!" There is no other thing can make us more gratified than hearing back students' success and accomplishment.

Our Vision

Presently, more and more Chinese parents decide to send their children overseas for high school education. Hence, more and more Chinese students appear in the U.S. are high or even junior high school students. There is no reason for parents to send their children all the way from China to America if education in America is not significantly better than Chinese education. The focus of American education is different from that in China. The majority of Americans believe that one's hard work can bring him the opportunity to succeed. Thus, diligence is highly valued In the U.S, so schools design programs to encourage students to be independent, creative, and self-driven. Schools also assign group projects frequently to develop students' leadership skills and the ability to coordinate.


Studying abroad at a low age will not only help students overcome the language barrier more smoothly, but it will also help them learn the American culture, the spirit of freedom, and the power of self-drive. In the long term, the "American fashion" will benefit the international student as a fully developed individual. Whether they decide to stay in the States or choose to return to his own country in the future, the experience of studying abroad will influence student's life eternally.

Angel Xie
Ryan Li
Yoyo Zhao
Ethan Meng
Yiwen (Lesley) Lu
Fred Poon
Patrick Xu
Leo Wei
Louis Lu
Zhuxing Liu
Angela Tian
Stanley Yang
Selina Zhao
Amy Yang
Frank Yang
Owen Tu
Brian Xiao
Kevin Yuan
Bill Peng
Qi Zhao
Alex Xue
Changyue Hong
Meijie Lei
Zejun Wang
Ben Wu
Yuanyuan Chen
Wenze Zeng
Molly Liu
Lu Chen
Jacky Chen
Elly Ding
Julie Yiu
James Hu
Candice Qu
Alex Hao
Hao Zhang
Muyang Du
Serine Song
Shangchao Yuan
Huan Liu
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