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GateWay VIP Customized Service

We, the GateWay Scholars Institute of Education, are pledged to offer our VIP clients the most professional and luxury counseling services. Our resources and connections across the U.S. are committed to satisfying the "very" needs and requests of our clients. We will have our project managers to customize VIP’s overseas program, from traveling to school applications. For our non-English speaking VIP clients, we will have our PR manager to serve and translate during the travel. 


How do we do?

Clients will need to submit registration forms and supplemental materials first. Then, in the next 48 hours, our project manager will evaluate the applications and required materials before the first discussion session with our clients. After a series of discussion and revision, our project manager will finalize the "project," including travel schedule and corresponding prices.

We offer the GateWay VIPs:

1. Professional traveling consultant for managing VIP clients' travel schedule

2. Professional high school/college admission counselor to interview the targeted schools prior to clients' arrival

Then, the EXCLUSIVE journey begins.

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VIP Customized Service

VIP Customized Service

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